Torc Cleaning

UK Nationwide Torc Cleaning

TORC Cleaning is a way to clean exterior surfaces of brick and stone with little to no need for chemicals. Instead, it uses a mixture of water and very fine calcium carbonate to clean using just high-pressure air and a splash of water. TORC Cleaning can be used on all types of brickwork, including historical buildings that are listed for preservation. It is also very effective at removing moss and other stains from exterior surfaces.

The main advantage of TORC Cleaning is the amount of control over the finished appearance achieved using this method. Traditional pressure washing tends to leave a large amount of water running in certain areas, especially when bricks are laid in a herringbone pattern. This is not the case with TORC Cleaning because it uses calcium carbonate instead of water to clean the surface. By using finely milled calcium carbonate also known as white sand, TORC Cleaning leaves brickwork looking cleaner and brighter without any residue.

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