Doff Cleaning

UK Nationwide Doff Cleaning

What is Doff Cleaning, and how does it work? The technique is a light form of steam cleaning that’s typically used on masonry. To remove a wide range of contaminants from masonry, the pressure and temperature are adjusted to extremes at the nozzle end, with temperatures up to 150°C. The machine heats water to over 150˚C before ejecting it through the built-in nozzle as superheated steam. When heated to this high temperature, the steam can quickly and efficiently remove paint, graffiti, dirt, grime and discolouration.

Paramount Pointing & Resoration Ltd always use the lastest technology and methodolgy as we strive to be the best in what we do. The Doff cleaning system cleans stonework and masonry using high temperatures. It is very gentle on the surface being cleaned and the volume of water is very low. This means there’s no need to use chemicals that are potentially harmful to the environment, during the removal process of paint, moss, algea, fungi and other biological activity.

The process is extremely effective at removing paint from stonework, while it has the added benefit of being completely safe. It doesn’t require any additives or chemicals during cleaning, so you can rest assured that your building won’t be polluted with harmful toxins. The high temperatures are also sufficient to kill off any biological contaminants on the surface being cleaned. This ensures that there’s no chance of contamination after cleaning takes place, resulting in a spotlessly clean surface ready for repainting. When applied correctly, Doff Cleaning will remove nearly all traces of graffiti from exterior walls and other surfaces.