Stone Conservation

UK Nationwide Stone Conservation

Stone conservation is the practice of preserving stone architecture and stonework. It is the prevention of damage and deterioration to building stone caused by environmental factors, such as pollution and weathering, and by human activities, such as vandalism and graffiti. Commercially, stone conservation has become an increasingly lucrative activity with the increase in high-value stone buildings and structures.

The repair and rehabilitation of damaged masonry or brickwork are typically known as stone and masonry conservation. It may be done using conventional stone-masonry processes, including whole removal and replacement, or the use of specialized materials for surface consolidation, repair, and re-profiling; after which it can be re-pointed before being subject to surface preservation techniques. The structure must always be able to ‘breathe’ in order for water vapour to escape.

It is now possible, owing to improvements in materials over the years, to better protect the masonry from the elements and slow its deterioration. After it has been cleaned and free of any pollutants, we may apply protective coatings to the stone that keep it stain-free, white, and lichen-free. Some coatings might endure for up to 15 years, allowing stone structures and ornamental stone structures to retain their appeal and impact for a long time.