Natural Lime Mortar

UK Nationwide Natural Lime Mortar

Natural Lime Mortar is a traditional way of preserving and restoring old buildings. It is a process that uses natural materials such as lime, sand, and water. The lime is mixed with the sand and water to form a mortar, which is then used to fill in the gaps between the bricks or stones in the building.

The main benefits of using natural lime pointing are that it is a very durable material, and it is also environmentally friendly. The mortar dries very slowly, which helps to prevent cracking and crumbling. And since it is made from natural materials, it does not release any harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Natural Lime Mortar is a traditional practice that has been used for hundreds of years. It was originally developed out of necessity. Historically, people did not have access to the modern Portland cement that we use today in construction projects. This type of mortar offers many similar benefits to our modern alternatives, but it is much more environmentally friendly and durable because it takes much longer to dry.

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