Brickwork & Pointing Oldham

General Brickwork & Bricklaying Oldham

Paramount Pointing provides a range of general brickwork services throughout Oldham. We provide Bricklayingrepointingcleaning & repairs

Brick Repointing Services

We are brick pointing & repointing experts with over 25 years of experience in the Oldham area. Our team of skilled professionals can restore your property to its former glory with the use of brick repointing. We provide repointing services in four key ways; traditional pointing, heritage pointing, gun injected pointing and natural lime.

Our services not only improve the appearance of your home or business but can also increase its value. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable brick repointing and restoration service, look no further than Paramount Pointing.

Traditional Pointing

Traditional brick repointing is the process that involves matching the colour of old mortar with the new mortar and manually removing old mortar before filling it with new mortar. Traditional repointing is the most common form of repointing.

Heritage Pointing

Heritage Pointing Mortar is a lime-based cement-free mortar specially designed for the repair and re-pointing of brick, block and stone walls. Limelite Heritage Pointing Mortar contains specialist additives used to maintain workability during repointing works in traditional structures.

Gun Injected Pointing

Gun injected pointing is a specialist re-pointing mortar that is used to repair and restore brick, block and stone walls. It contains specialist additives that maintain workability during the repointing process and allows for a traditional lime pointing finish to be retained.

Natural Lime Mortar

Natural Lime Mortar is a traditional way of preserving and restoring old buildings. It is a process that uses natural materials such as lime, sand, and water. 

Brick Cleaning Oldham

Brick cleaning is a service that involves cleaning the exterior surfaces of brick and stone. There is a range of ways to clean brick, including: Torq cleaning, Facade Cleaning, Chemical Cleaning and Doff Cleaning. Over time, bricks usually take on stains from a range of things like paint, graffiti, dirt, grime, black spots, discolouration or even moss or mould which is why brick cleaning is an excellent service to restore the look of old bricks. 

Torq Cleaning

TORC Cleaning is a way to clean exterior surfaces of brick and stone with little to no need for chemicals. Instead, it uses a mixture of water and very fine calcium carbonate to clean using just high-pressure air and a splash of water. TORC Cleaning can be used on all types of brickwork, including historical buildings that are listed for preservation. It is also very effective at removing moss and other stains from exterior surfaces.

Façade Cleaning

Modern structures are made of a wide range of materials that require special façade care, cleaning, and maintenance. Every material has its own strategy for extending its life. Beautifully designed and expertly engineered building façades are frequently inaccessible, leaving materials to weather and decay. We offer a bespoke façade cleaning solution that includes all waste removal and disposal as part of an overall program. We have an experienced team of scaffolders who can clean the hard-to-reach areas using a telescopic pole.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is a process used to clean brickworks using a chemical solution. The solution is sprayed onto the brickwork. The solution dissolves any dirt or carbon build up, and then it is washed away with water. This process can be used to clean both new and old brickwork. Chemical cleaning produces a bright and brilliant finish on brickwork which does not fade over time.

Doff Cleaning

What is Doff Cleaning, and how does it work? The technique is a light form of steam cleaning that’s typically used on masonry. To remove a wide range of contaminants from masonry, the pressure and temperature are adjusted to extremes at the nozzle end, with temperatures up to 150°C. The machine heats water to over 150˚C before ejecting it through the built-in nozzle as superheated steam. When heated to this high temperature, the steam can quickly and efficiently remove paint, graffiti, dirt, grime and discolouration.

Brick & Concrete Repair Oldham

Concrete repairs are often necessary when the concrete has become damaged or deteriorated. There are a few ways to carry out concrete repairs, and the most appropriate method will depend on the type of damage that has been caused.

Concrete is a robust building material, but it may be harmed by water, salt, or chemicals over time.

Weather conditions such as frost and warm-weather cycles cause thermal expansion and contraction which also has an effect on concrete over time. If the damage is minor, it can usually be repaired by removing the surface layer and applying a fresh coat of concrete. Unfortunately, if the damage is more significant then a whole replacement of the concrete may be required.

In any case, contact Paramount Pointing and Restoration for a quote to repair your concrete in Oldham.